A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Connect calls! Eavesdrop on your friends! Find the Commie traitor! All in day's work for the nation's switchboard operators.

The year 1962, and you're a switchboard operator for Astral Dynamics, an astronautical company on contract with NASA. Your job is to connect people calling in to the people they want to talk to. However, in order to combat the growing RED MENACE, you'll be asked to listen in on your co-workers' conversation to try and figure out who is leaking sensitive blueprints to the Russians.

A phone jack will light up when a call comes in, and you need to connect an available cord to that jack by clicking on a cord and then clicking on the lit jack. Switch your headphones to the line associated with that jack by turning the switch below the cord. Once the caller has told you who they'd like to speak to, connect the other cord of that line to the appropriate jack. Right-click will drop the cord you're currently holding. Feel free to switch between calls to get clues about who the traitor might be.

Good luck!

<The game sometimes crashes after you "Hit Any Key", just try launching it again, it will work eventually>


CrossedLines_v1_1.zip 86 MB
CrossedLines_v1_1_macOSX.app.zip 87 MB